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The R.C.LA. was implemented in our Parish in 2008 following the appointment of our new Parish Priest. A few enquirers came forward asking to become Catholics which prompted our pastor to authorise the formation of a group of parishioners to study the R.C.LA. process and form a team: catechists, sponsors and support people. Each made a commitment and soon meetings with our enquirers began.

There were three Candidates (already baptised) and one Catechumen(unbaptised). It was a blessed and enlightening time for all involved as we moved towards the Easter Vigil '09. On that night our Catechumen was baptised and all four were received into the Church with the Easter Sacraments: Confirmation and Eucharist.

Later in 2009 two young women made enquiries and are currently meeting regularly with our R.C.I.A. team. They will take part in, 'The Rite of Election' to be held in St. Mary's Cathedral on Feb. 25th. This rite is an official Prayer Gathering of all Catechumens and Candidates from across the Archdiocese, with their sponsors and support group, held near the beginning of Lent, during which each one is introduced to the Bishop by their sponsor. It marks the time of more intense preparation. All parishioners are urged to pray for those preparing for Baptism and Reception into the Church.